Spark bracelet debuts at Girl Scouts Camp Exec

Live Offline partnered with the Girl Scouts of San Diego to pilot Spark Bracelets at Camp Exec, an annual weekend leadership camp for 10th-12th grade Girl Scouts and accomplished women professionals. 20 mentors and 34 girls were each given a Spark Bracelet at the start of the weekend to promote unplugging from their phones and sparking face-to-face conversation with one another.

A mentor and mentee wearing their Spark bracelets at camp.

Throughout the weekend, participants set their bracelets to the tile that best captured their mood or to the conversation they were interested in having with someone, such as “I’m looking for…(a recommendation)” or “Today I learned…” Whether having breakfast with teammates or making new friends on the high ropes course, the bracelets were a vehicle to communicate feelings or stories that foster getting to know one another at a deeper level.

We found several of the attendees had a positive experience with the Spark bracelets encouraging them to be unplugged over the weekend:

“Loved it! I felt like I had a place where it [being unplugged] was completely myself permission to detach was freeing.”

“It felt great! It was the ultimate camping experience.”

Others strongly felt the bracelet enhanced their relationships with one another:

“My squad had the excited charm showing the whole time and it was the BEST; we bonded over it so much! I love my bracelet.”

“Another girl and I both had the ‘excited’ face on our bracelet. This was right after the ropes course. We began to talk about why we were so excited to have completed the giant ladder.”

By the end of the weekend, we found several of the attendees were looking forward to continuing wearing their bracelets, especially with those who attended the same school. After following up with one attendee, we learned she had worn her bracelet for several weeks after and drastically shifted her phone habits as it became a physical daily reminder. She felt more engaged with her friends and family as well as performed better in classes.

Overall, the Spark bracelet pilot was a great win for Live Offline! Interested in custom Spark bracelets for your organization or event? Send us an inquiry.

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