Combatting distracted learning to achieve deeper learning


The Live Offline team is spreading the word of the Offline Challenge! We hosted a workshop with educators at the annual Deeper Learning conference in at High Tech High in Point Loma, San Diego. Everyone engaged in lively debate over what we can be done about phone usage in the classroom. Participants included teachers, principals, and administrators from as far away as Australia.

The workshop was entitled, “Do Your Students Have Nomophobia? Combatting Distracted Learning to Achieve Deeper Learning.”

As always, our goal is not to tell educators how to police the students’ time, but rather show them how they can teach good phone habits. Students are not motivated by their superiors telling them what to do; instead, we show them how much time they are wasting on their phones and they learn how to be more productive people. We invited a student who participated in a previous Offline Challenge to speak about her experience.

By the end of the session, we heard tons of great new ideas for how to implement the Offline Challenge: principals wanting to replicate the workshop for all their teachers, a science unit on how technology affects the body, and an English unit in Hawaii.