Local tech org hosts offline workshop

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Being buried in our phones is so common these days, no one seems to bat an eye. Although we are mostly aware our society has become attached to devices, it’s tough to know what small steps you can take to start shifting to a healthier level of phone usage. The founders of Live Offline hosted a 90-minute workshop for the members of San Diego’s Designing Women organization to reflect on their usage and arm them with some simple tools to “fun-plug” from their tech routine.

Upon check-in, members were encouraged to store their phones in phone caddies on each of the tables enabling everyone to be present and network with one another. The session first kicked off with an exercise to add a colored sticker to their name badge to indicate their current mood or status:

I’m looking for... (e.g., a good Thai restaurant, a new job, a contractor)

I’m excited to share… (my kids’ accomplishments, upcoming trip)

I’m frustrated by (e.g., traffic, my dog, my project)

Today I learned… (e.g., fun fact, new life hack, crazy news story)

It was a great way to break the ice after a long work day and easily connect with those in the room before jumping into the heart of the workshop.

Co-founders, Syp Vandy Siligato and Katie Ramp, shared that nomophobia--the irrational fear of being without your mobile phone--is a very real problem. After having the participants complete a self-evaluation as well as check their phone’s battery stats, some were quite surprised at their high consumption. The group had an active discussion about tips on how to combat phone distractions, such as turning off notifications, deleting apps, and turning your phone to grayscale in the accessibility settings. The workshop uncovered other tools that have assisted the digitally dependent in reclaiming their time, such as the Moment app, Ransomly beacon, Pocket Points (for students), and Live Offline’s very own Daily Guide.

The workshop concluded with a challenge posed to the audience: could you consistently be offline for 20 minutes every day, doing an activity of your choice, for 2 weeks? Learn more about the Offline Challenge here and try it out for yourself!

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