Offline Scavenger Hunt 2018

How would you fare in a scavenger hunt with no Google to look up facts, Maps to see nearby destinations, or crowd-sourcing the answer on social media? Just you, your trusty team, and an open mind to ask passersby for help. Forty-five brave souls took our challenge (in the rain!) and raced around Mission Beach in San Diego, CA armed with nothing more than a clue book and pencil to hunt for ten different destinations. Everyone stowed away their phones in a “cell phone sleeping bag” and took a pledge to unplug.

Take a look at a video of the day and be sure to check out Reboot, the organization that started the National Day of Unplugging. See you next year!

Remember, there’s no need to wait a whole year to try unplugging nor does it have to be for a full 24 hours. In fact, small adjustments in your day will lead to a better likelihood of sticking to a routine of being on your phone just a tad less. Start by giving physical space between you and your phone. If you’re one of those people that has it on your body constantly or in view ready to interrupt an actual social moment, try tucking it away in a bag or drawer where it’s not visible while you’re working.

FunpluggingKatie Ramp