Syp Vandy Siligato


As a User Experience Designer and former Software Engineer, Syp has been deeply immersed in technology for a majority of her life. Her childhood days were filled with the anxious dialing of her modem to feed her love for the Internet. When she started accidentally walking into men's bathrooms distracted by her phone, she realized it was time to make a change. Syp looks forward to the day when having a phone out in public just isn't cool anymore.


Katie Ramp


Katie is a Data Analyst turned UX Designer who is energized by the challenge of helping herself and others feel more in control of their time. She believes too much time online can be isolating and detrimental to our health. Within a matter of weeks, she went from eight hours per week on Facebook, Safari, and Instagram to two.


Steven Siligato


Steven grew up working in his family’s sales and service businesses, moved into web development/database development and is now a data analyst for a local San Diego company. Steven is all about living in the moment, but surprisingly finds himself attached to technology at work. What happened to the days of calling someone when you had a question instead of emailing or texting them? His passion is to bring the the human contact back into every day communication.